Welcome to the North Central Career Centers!

Whether you recently lost your job, left your job or are just looking for a better position, the North Central Career Centers are here to help you conduct an effective job search. In order to do this, consider the tools, techniques, and support you will need.

The tools you need for your job search include:

      • Resume
      • Cover Letter
      • Professional Portfolio
      • Computer Access
      • Research
      • Self assessment

Techniques for effective job search:

      • Networking
      • Marketing yourself
      • Dressing for success
      • Interviewing
      • Follow up
      • Staying organized

And, most importantly, you need support. Your family and friends are your primary support during this time of job transition. But consider us as your "technical support." We can help you learn how to use today's job searching tools and techniques with confidence. The North Central Career Center is here to support you with: Website access available on links below:

Join Massachusetts JobQuest and begin your job search today!

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